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Hello! My name is Catherine, and I do hair in my hometown of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I live for helping my clients find the best cut or color for their hair type as well as the easiest styling routine. Low Maintenance hair is my preference.
  I attend classes regularly on my own time, the more the better. I have completely transitioned to using strictly non-toxic hair color and products.
A lot of my clients would say I respect them and their time, and they enjoy their time with me.

Outside of the salon my most important job is raising my 2 teenage daughters. I love to cook as well as bake (really I just love to eat), and I enjoy sharing recipes with my clients. Book an appointment when you are ready and let's create something beautiful together.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Need a clean, cute and peaceful space to take care of your guests? Whether it may be long term or short term, I have space to share. Send me an email today!

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